The Dark Tourist

Billed as “the biggest comeback show by someone you thought youʼd never heard of” THE DARK TOURIST takes the electronic main stage after a nineteen year hiatus, only this time with the spirit of Bowie frolicking inside her.

The show you are about to witness is inspired by personal, spiritually monumental, metamorphic real life events and has been decades in the making. See it as transcendence with a vengeance: purposely designed to penetrate your very essence. If it doesnʼt make you bust out moves youʼve never busted before, cause sensations youʼve never sensed before, brought you to a climax like you never came before: then nothing will. Immerse yourselves completely, breathe deeply and wiggle your widget recklessly.

In the monotonous world of “four to the floor”, become one with this funked-up, bombastic, beat battalion or fade to sheep. Choose dark demonic funk: the light that shakes your rump, over bleating in the wilderness reinforcing your incompleteness, which is no state of bliss more something to wholeheartedly miss. Please donʼt techno for an answer.

Enlisted in this hour of unadulterated euphoria are Kimmy “this human has more talent in her little finger than I have in my entire body” Edge and drum god Clive Deamer.
Herr Drum Doctor Deamer is the human behind some of the most eclectic and inspirational beats of the 90ʼs and a mega multitude beyond. Notorious for his work with Portishead, Ronie Size, Get The Blessing and Radiohead, to name but a few.

You will not be blamed or shamed for gasping in awe and squeaking in wonderment at the darn right demonic dexterity of the ultra stick- controlling genius. He is the epitome of rhythmic revelations, funktastic emanations with jazzogasmic implications.

THE DARK TOURIST rises as a blackstar, the bearer of light, brilliant bastard child of the night, exorcist of fear, pompous and queer, bringer of the sinister beats….behold and unfold. All was foretold. Release the Peace. Release the Beats.


Clive Deamer

Clive Deamer, Independent session drummer percussionist, the backbone of two of the most influential British albums of
the 90’s,both winners of the Mercury music prize. Portishead’s „Dummy“ and Roni Size’s „New Forms”. More recently appearing on the Grammy nominated Radiohead album, A Moon Shaped Pool.

In 2011 Clive was invited to serve as their auxiliary drummer/ percussionist to film “The King Of Limbs – From The Basement DVD”. He has toured with them since then and performs on their current 2016 – 2017 world tour.
A devotee of Jazz and R&B drummers like Earl Palmer, Art Blakey and Elvin Jones, his Jazz aesthetic is coloured by sudden outbursts of rock aggression and tight but loose breakbeat feel.

Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Dr John, Tom Jones, Siouxsie Sioux, Gaz Combes, Hawkwind, Alison Moyet, Jerry Lee Lewis, Andy Sheppard, Russel Watson are some of the diverse artists who have employed his unique abilities.
A member of the award winning quartet Get The Blessing, whose free approach informs all his playing, he is constantly in demand as a recording drummer, for his taste and discipline.